Review: Boochie, A Whole New Ball Game

Games that involve all the family are loved not only by children, but by parents too. The excitement of playing with and competing against Mom and Dad is something that most children thrive on, and something that parents wish happened more often. Boochie is the perfect game to facilitate just that. Boochie is an action packed throwing game for 2-4 players where no 2 games are exactly the same. The rules are fun and exciting, but difficult to explain in detail. Each player is given a bean ball, a toss ring and a wrist tracker. The players share the Boochie ball. A standard game involves the person with the cleanest shoes (this alone sparks controversy and debate before the game has begun) tossing the Boochie ball – a twelve sided ball with twelve bonuses. Players then take turns to throw their ball at the Boochie ball, with the closest to the target receiving points. These points are then updated on each player’s wrist tracker, which subsequently changes that player’s throwing instructions for the next round. Throwing instructions may involve rolling the ball underneath your legs, making a funny sound, or lying on your back and throwing! While it may sound complicated, the rules are picked up quickly and make for exciting entertainment. Features Of Boochie, A Whole New Ball Game * 2 – 4 players, * Boochie Ball, * Four toss rings, * Four bean balls, * Four wrist trackers, * Detailed instructions. Is Boochie, A Whole New Ball Game Worth Buying? At its heart, Boochie is not much more than a throwing game. The fun, however, comes not from scoring points but from the genuinely funny gameplay. In a typical game of four players, you could have one person throwing under their legs; one lying on their back and throwing; one rolling their ring instead of throwing, and one standing on one leg while throwing. With each round the instructions change, and although the game will typically only last 15 minutes, the various outcomes and unpredictability of the gameplay ensures countless hours of fun for all the family. Boochie is well made. The wrist tracker is secure and the instructions have a high quality glossy finish. The bean balls and Boochie ball are durable while the toss rings will last. Although not made from the most expensive of materials, Boochie is not hard on the balls or rings, and wear and tear will not be an immediate problem. Boochie is not suitable for children for children under 3 years of age due to some of the smaller pieces, but that is not a problem as the gameplay is of a level that slightly older children will get much more enjoyment from it. Truth be told, many adults will thoroughly enjoy Boochie, as it provides good clean fun where much of the laughter is derived from the individuals playing. There are many games that claim to provide honest fun for all the family, but as the name says, Boochie really is a whole new ball game.


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